Land of Erde - Concept

Welcome to the Land of Erde.

The concept of such a place has been weaving itself through my thoughts since 2006. It is hard to search back that far, but it may have begun to develop after reading and watching Narnia. Not long after came the story of Eragon, which I do not actually remember how it is that I came about such a book, then obviously the movie followed. From there I began to slowly put my thoughts to paper beginning in November 2006.

Though the stories of Narnia and Eragon, and surely others, have sparked my interest to try my hand at writing and to finally complete a fictional book, the concept of the Land of Erde is somewhat different. I will not hide the fact that my books will be highly symbolic concerning Christian themes, maybe even more so than Narnia, but they do not entail traveling from one world to the next nor a lot of talking animals. Even as my books shall have their time placed within a medieval setting, along with a dragon and dark enemies, it is not based around Eragon’s idea of dragon riders and such.

After I began to look into publication ideas, I came across a company called Lulu. Searching through their listings of authors and books, looking for similar story lines, I came across a book entitled Dragon Stone. I contacted the author, which was very helpful and encouraging concerning both information regarding Lulu and writing in general. I ordered the book for two reasons: [1] To see the quality of material and print of the books published by Lulu, and [2] just to read the writings of the author which had taken the time to reply to my questions concerning Lulu, writing, and publishing. I also posted a request To Share Your Book Knowledge, and received more info and encouragement as individuals posted and emailed me directly.

I have dabbled with a few ideas before and have even put them forth to paper, but the thoughts and ink seem to dry up often coming to a halt. Maybe one day I may take a moment to see if such stories still linger within me, but for now the concept of the Land of Erde seems to develop daily within my imagination.

I have enjoyed the beginning of my thoughts of such a story line, and continue to as the concept develops into further books. I am hopeful that others may enjoy my story of the Land of Erde as much as I have enjoyed writing it thus far.

If you are a one who has a concept of a story that you would like to put to paper, I would just like to encourage you to do so. Even the greatest writers had to start somewhere, so why not begin at a time when a story is fresh and developing within your very mind? Even if we never sell millions of copies or become famous, it has been a joy to write nevertheless.

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