Hi, my friend,

I would like to welcome you to my world of imaginary medieval times, under the pseudonym Pordlaw LaRue. I find it rather pleasant here, with many opportunities set before me, having started such an adventure sometime around November 2006, I suppose. Previously, throughout my life, I had written poems, studies, and even started on stories (which never developed into full thoughts or books), but finally in 2006 I was able to embark upon a fictional tale to actually complete on paper. You may read of the concept of that tale here: The Land of Erde.

From the initial thought, many ideas have sprung forth into different accounts of their own; yet they presently dwell within the forest of imagination. Though I am slow to write, finding time when I am able, I pray these stories may be told that others might enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them. Free previews will be made available, and perhaps even entire books, so please pay close attention to what is made available as time progresses.

If there be any who desire also to write, yet feels as I do – a novice – let it not stop your mind from pondering and hand from jotting such down. Your ideas may be marvelous and your concepts brilliant! Allow the rest of us to enjoy what you have kept bottled up inside of you. Free your thoughts, embrace the challenge, enjoy the excitement. Whether you become the next best seller or not, be proud to have succeeded in what you have set out to do: write the story wishing to be told!

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