Ekleipsis - Chapter One

Ekleipsis (Greek, eclipse): Judarius claimed that darkness would one day overcome and destroy all light. The name of that day, he called thus.

Erde: Book One
(included in complete saga)

To Begin At a Moment
It is a cold, stormy night in the midst of a small village, one seemingly lost from the world among the mountains and valleys of a nameless place, full of forgotten souls. Howling winds blow wildly through the large trees that surround the village, protecting it like a great wall around a castle. The streets are empty of souls, where only debris flies effortlessly on the breath of the night. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow, families snuggle in bed resisting the fear that creeps among the shadows waiting to gain entrance into the mind that dares to embrace it.

These storms seem to come forth from the mountains most unaware to the people below. Sometimes ceasing as quickly as they had come, other times lingering well for hours without losing strength. Attacking with the force of a mighty army, the bitter winds slice through the thickest clothing, chapping faces, and reddening exposed flesh. The heavens send forth hardened crystals upon all caught beneath the clouds, often simply melting away into the sodden paths.

Through the gloom, a small home near the edge of the village remains alive, entertaining the dancing of lantern lights and the patter of footsteps. Why tonight? Why must it be during a time of such disarray? A small, elderly lady with silver- laced hair flowing to her waist paces the floor running to and fro, ministering to a young girl slightly above her teens

Dear God, I pray that you show compassion. Hear the frail attempt of your child to call upon such a mighty God to request such a selfish thing as this. Lend your ear to my pleading and see what is right in your own eyes. Thou hast given Sorie life and have been gracious to spring forth life from within her womb. Shall she carry such a love only to perish at its coming? Do as thou see fit, but remember compassion. In thee will I trust to do that which is right.

Sorie is due any minute with delivery, yet boiling with fever she feels her life slipping ever so slowly away. Her brown hair, tangled and glued to her face with beads of sweat, hides well the beauty she possesses. Hardly able to hold her eyes open, fading in and out of consciousness, there is but one thought which grips the entire essence of her being: How is my baby?

For the last nine months she could think of nothing else than the soul which has grown within her. She caressed her stomach often and longed to see the face of her child. As those which she knew would speak of their own, her lightly tanned face would glow as her brown eyes sparkled with eagerness of what was to come. She delighted in the stories of others, and hoped to the uttermost that she would be a good mother to such a lovely gift.

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