Daegsteorra - Chapter One

(Old English, the day star): The Ekleipsis cometh but for a moment, then shall the daystar yet arise above the Darkness.

Erde: Book Two
(included in complete saga)

Dark Depravity

The Ekleipsis has brought forth death and tribulation more so than anything the souls of Erde could have ever imagined. The death records of the Dark Ages have far since been out numbered in mere months, since the night of the eclipse. Since the cry of Rubicund, the Dragon, upon the announcement of Jagare, the Darkness has not slept. It continues to go forth as a roaring lion, devouring the weak, the confounded, the faithless; all those who would not adhere to the call of wisdom to flee to Geheim.

On the night of the eclipse, Jagare sent forth his army across the land of Erde, to the sound of the heksƒ. This band of wickedness, which lay dormant in Erde for many years, was released to fulfill their lusts upon every living creature not subservient to Jagare. Led by Vikadore, along with the eight remaining Gibborims (Jagare’s brothers, minus the slain Desgosto and Abejoti), the Gottlos swept across the land leaving no village unharmed. The Ubils followed among the shadows, infiltrating the minds of the frightened and lost.

Their total depravity was displayed in their slaughter of young children, their unnatural lusts and abuse toward women, and their inhumane acts toward the elderly and men of the villages. Unmentionable acts brought forth by vile affections, unseemly works, most horrendous atrocities were committed, and continue throughout Erde.

Moving across the land, these murderous beasts divided into bands. Baitrs and Pyktis moved their armies toward Kirche, in Signum, crumbling Xiacon along the way. Begeren and Ahnews marched through the higher regions of Erde, while Gniew and Hatan swept across the midlands, leaving Himo and Zolba to comb the south east portions. Vikadore remained in Trachten with Jagare as well as six hundred sixty-six Gottlos. With so much sorrow, the Erdians’ƒ tears began to run dry, but their blood did not.

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