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Long before she was born, Kristietiba’s grandfather saved their land from the great darkness upon it. But evil never sleeps. It merely waits to strike yet again with greater force. And so it did.

Stolen away at birth, while her father’s castle did fall under attack, Kristietiba was delivered into the hands of those she knew not. Are they traitors to the crown or rather guardians of the newborn?

Though she is cared for and protected, Kristietiba soon feels neglected and in bondage. She wants her freedom, never imagining what it will eventually cost her. Raised with stories of truth and love, Kristietiba finds the words of many to be full of lies and hurt. Rebelling against everything she knows in her heart to be right, she cleaves to the empty promises given by those who only wish to take advantage of her.

Found in deep despair, by one who claims to have known her true parents, Kristietiba must decide whether to again trust in the stories she once believed. Encouraging words of deliverance do come from those in her path, while sorrow, shame, fear, and death push her to the brink of merely giving up.

Redemption draws nigh, even at the very moment when all seems lost. Prophecy has foretold his coming and his undying love for Kristietiba does bring him to her aid. He is Salvare of Neios, and does race to save Kristietiba from the servants of the dragon. Prophecy cannot fail, and neither can love.

Krisietiba is currently available in the following formats:

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§ Lulu (paperback, PDF)

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