Kristietiba - The Beginning

Following the legend of King’s Salvare’s triumph over the Darkness in the Land of Erde blossoms the tale of his most beloved Kristietiba. Loved before she was even conceived, Salvare did wait with patience for his long anticipated bride. He sent forth trusted persons into Varjama to watch and guard over his precious affection, but like Erde the Darkness grew great there by the seed of Rubicund. Hidden away at birth, his delicate rose was taken to a place whereby she would be nourished in peace and safety. When the time was right, Salvare would journey with his knights to take unto himself Kristietiba and free the souls of Varjama from the evil that plagued them. Unto Neios he would bring them all, to embrace the purity and marvels more radiant than any had ever seen.

But, between the appointed time of birth and the prophesied arrival of Salvare, we have the life of Kristietiba

The night fog was thick and blinding, almost suffocating. Dampness filled the air, carried by the wild breeze, cherishing its last breath granted by the recent storm. Humidity caused everything to feel sticky, with a most irritable mood. It was a darkness to be avoided, for such an hour was given to mischief and the things most unbecoming of a noble.

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