Andeis - Chapter One

Andeis (Goth, end): The end of Erde cometh, and the destruction of all that
is evil, but for those who give allegiance to King Salvare, there shall be no 
end, for New Erde awaits.

Erde: Book Three
(included in complete saga)

The Light Cometh Forth

Among the Darkness arriseth yet a great light surrounded by ten thousand lesser lights among the horizon. Their glow doth increase as they come forth from the east near Geheim. Truly, as King Salvare foretold, has not this night come forth the Daegsteorra, whereby ‘shall the daystar rise high above the darkness’.

§ Onward To Temeto §

Vikadore (called by the seer Ashvar, Ignitus) and Menindas, the pale (who once was named Rayhold) travel toward Temeto. They go to confront Jagare concerning their troubles in Trachten, where many lives of the Gottlos have been lost and the prisoners once held there have been freed.

It was Ashvar who did call forth from heaven a ring of fire which did slay hundreds of Vikadore’s Gottlos army which stood before him. Tebad, Kayla’s father, had come forth to Trachten with both men and women who had chosen not to flee to Geheim, but did fight to free the souls in bondage to the Darkness throughout Erde. Labat did find his way to Trachten, with his tribe of twelve Beacons sent forth by the Witnesses of King Salvare from Geheim. Umil and his tribe arrived also from the south, as they all met in Trachten, and did defeat the remaining Gottlos which chose not to flee. As did the Witnesses, Hukum and Prerok confront yet Jagare in Temeto, whereby they were slain and left in the streets.

As Vikadore and Menindas rode toward Temeto, they saw the lights break forth from the horizon from toward the Cadas Mountains. Though lights, they knew it is neither the sun, moon, or the stars, for the night had just come upon Erde. Terror arising within their being, for they knew not whence the lights come, mixed with yet their frightened spirits for what Jagare may say as to their confrontation with the seer and other souls in Palvolin, Trachten.

Alarm did move them both to persist to Temeto with great speed and necessity, for they too had heard the claims that King Salvare would one day return to Erde, though they denied belief in such things. For both from the heart and outwardly did Vikadore and Menindas hate such things as King Salvare, his Book of Wisdom, his Sealed, and all that stood against the Darkness, but deep within their being they yet feared such things as well.

§ Temeto §

Within Temeto was Jagare awakened by the lights which shown forth into the windows of what was once known as Kirche. Oh, how much so did Jagare despise the light, as he preferred rather the darkness of Oscuridad with its fog which forever came forth from the Shadow Lands.

The roar of Rubicund, the Dragon which sleeps neither day nor night, pulled Jagare forth from his bed, along with the heks, Gottlos, and prisoners held in Temeto.

Jagare came unto the window, whereby he often stood to speak unto his servants, to see Rubicund standing tall with his fierce lips curled exposing his massive, clinched teeth. Jagare turned to that which the Dragon did snarl.

It was the lights, the one greater and ten thousand lesser, to which Rubicund did rile up all who dwelt in Temeto. His screeches did cause the hair upon the necks of all to rise, and sent forth terror deep within their beings as to the cause of such actions from a mighty beast as he.

Some of the hearts of the Erdians who Jagare held prisoners did warm, though a little, praying that such was a sign that King Salvare did yet approach. Though most had not previously believed, and such is why they had not followed the Sealed to Geheim upon the time of the Ekleipsis, they still prayed that such a one would come to free them from the Wicked One.

§ Geheim §

A great man stood before the watchmen of Geheim. Upon a white stallion he sits, dressed in garments of pure white, layered in gold, for such was his armor he wore. Upon his side did he bare a mighty two-edged sword, which was quick and powerful, able to divide both the joints and marrow even unto the very soul and spirit of men. His hair was yet white as wool full of wisdom and knowledge. His eyes were as purifying flames, a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. His feet were as brass, to bring forth judgment upon the wicked. His voice came forth as powerful and mighty sound of many waters, as one full of authority.

“Children of Erde, beckon unto my voice, thy King. Have not I, King Salvare of Erde, come to free you from the Darkness whereby the Wicked One and his marked servants have oppressed you these many days?”

The army which stood before the watchmen of Geheim was great, more so than any eye had ever seen. The dwarfs Paktil and Qwen did marvel at the sight, for there was not a doubt within the hearts of the souls of the watchmen to whom this man was.

This was indeed King Salvare, and he has returned to battle the Darkness which shadows itself over the land of Erde.

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